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Planning your Wall & Floor Remodel


Carolinas Remodeling Inc operates nationwide and provides reactive and planned cover for every aspect of your building maintenance requirements – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We offer a prompt and reliable service to resolve your problems quickly and efficiently. All of our staff are CRB checked, trained to the highest standard and are able to offer you a Five Star Service at all times.

We are able to carry out any new tile installation or repair for both domestic and commercial premises. We can install the tiles across all areas in your property, from kitchens, bathrooms, floor tiles in living rooms and external tiles through to basic wall tiling and splash backs – Beechwood Building Maintenances does it all.

So if you want a new installation or repair please contact us. Don’t forget we are also able to deal with anything from, plumbing issues to complete bathroom and kitchen design, enabling us to offer a complete service from one supplier.

Complete Design and Installation Service

No matter how creative or innovative your ideas are, our experienced and qualified designers and fitters will work with you to give you exactly what you want and let your creativity blossom.

We provide a complete floor and wall tiling service taking care of everything from removing old tiles through to repairing underlying walls.

All of our work is guaranteed, with your satisfaction being our priority.

Floor Tile

It’s not easy to tell the difference between floor tile and wall tile just by looking at them, but there is a difference. Basically, floor tile differs from wall tile in that it is more durable. Since a floor will take more abuse than a wall, it requires more resistance to cracking and chipping when things are dropped on it. The strength and durability of a particular tile are determined by the ingredients that make up the body of the tile, the kind of glaze or finish used, if any, and how long and at what temperature the tile is fired. It is possible to use floor tile on walls, but reversing this is not recommended. We carry tile and stone in all sizes from tiny ½” to 24” square tiles. Generally speaking, though, most floor tile today are 18″-20″. The size of the tile will affect the look of the room. The trend is toward large tiles and rectangular tiles. It’s really a matter of personal taste.

Wall Tile

While floor tile will affect the overall look of a room it is mostly underfoot and covered by furniture, rugs, etc. Wall tile, on the other hand, is at eye level and can really make a design statement. Your options are less limited in wall tile because you can have slick finishes without worrying about safety or slipping. No one will be walking on your walls. Most tile comes in matching floor and wall for a coordinated look, but with walls, you can also get raised patterns to add more dimension. If you want a professional designer look, but can’t afford an interior designer, check out our designer series of tile. The collections usually feature at least one floor tile (sometimes a larger size too), a tub/shower or backsplash tile and a couple of decorative accent tiles to add personality and interest. Combining these designer series can create absolutely stunning results!

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